Andreas Andronikidis is Professor of Marketing Management at the School of Business Administration of the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece. He served as a visiting professor at King’s Business School, King’s College, London, UK, and the KU Leuven, Belgium. Prior to this, he had completed his doctoral studies and taught on at the Sheffield University Management School. He has worked as senior consultant for small and medium sized businesses in Greece and the UK. Currently most of his research is in the services sector, though previously he conducted research in a number of public sector and voluntary sector organizations. His research interests are in the areas of marketing management, service quality, and consumer psychology. Specifically, (a) Marketing Management focusing on consumer behavior and analytics, designing segmentation strategy, positioning and marketing mix; (b) Marketing Management with an emphasis on strategy and quality management processes: Control of results using quantitative and qualitative research methods; (c) Marketing Management and Business Economics: Using research methodology including applied economic theory and econometrics; and (d) Marketing Management and Consumer Psychology in the field of Self-Image: Examination of moderators or dependent variables that affect the activation of different types of self-image and the implications for the formation of the marketing mix. Currently, his research is primarily into the integration of quality management with strategic service marketing planning, behavioral engineering and analytics, and self-image-brand-image congruence, and implications of this for policy and strategy. His published work includes more than seventy-five publications and is recognized by having collected more than one thousand citations from the international scientific research community. He has published articles in international conference proceedings, and in scientific journals. He is also a regular reviewer in major scientific journals. Andreas is senior researcher of the Market and Consumer Behavior Analysis Laboratory at the Athens University of Economic and Business, and the coordinator for the Psychographic Marketing Research Group (PMRG) at Sheffield University Management School. He has been involved in several EU funded projects. Andreas is also served as member of the executive board of trustees of the Greek Academy of Marketing, and a member of the European (EMAC), British (AM), and American Academy of Marketing (AMA).